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Talk about crabmeat galore, and there’s no need to pound a crab shell. We’ve done all the hard work for you. Your job is just to enjoy come in and enjoy our nine sumptuous crab dishes! Starting with our world-famous Crab Fingers to our Crab Dinner with seven crab dishes, you will not be disappointed. Have our crabmeat dishes at both our seafood restaurants. And why not try our simplest crab dish. The dish that put us on the map and keeps our customers coming back for more our Lump Crabmeat simply sautéed in butter! Or one of customers favorites is Crabmeat Imperial the recipe originated by Mrs. “Poor Boy” Landry. This mouthwatering dish is lump crabmeat gently sautéed with mushrooms, pimientos in a rich cream sauce and then baked to a golden brown.


Or how about Crabmeat Au Gratin, jumbo lump crabmeat folded into a deliciously rich American cheese sauce and baked to perfection. And last but certainly not least try our Stuffed Crabs made with our very own homemade lump crabmeat stuffing and seasonings and finished off by baking in the crab shell! We also serve Crabmeat Bienville served in a rich Romana cheese and cream sauce. Then there is our Stuffed Crabmeat Bell Peppers heaped full of crabmeat stuffing and then baked. And you won’t find more tasty Crab Cakes at any seafood restaurant in Acadiana. We dare you to try them all!